The Eiffel Tower's Daughter, by Bethany Huang

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11-year-old Bethany Huang nominated for Art & Literature Awards May 31, 2011

Bethany Huang is nominated for Art & Literature Awards by Asian Heritage Awards for Huang’s debut novel The Eiffel Tower’s Daughter, along with other nominees Sichan Siv, Wendy Maruyama, Cecelia DeCastro, Rima Fujita, Whilce Portacio.  


Bethany Huang wrote “The Eiffel Tower’s Daughter” when she was 9 to 10 years old. Bethany Huang is recently awarded Chinese Star – Wold Chinese Model of Fame in May 2011.  Huang’s book is placed No. 1 on SBEP Reading List 2011 at Boys Hope Girls Hope, a nonprofit organization to help children to meet their full potential. The book is also placed at top 10% in Barnes & Noble List for Teen Fiction – Adventure. Bethany Huang and her book were reported by over 100 media, such asThomson Reuters TV, MSNBC TV, Fox News, PBS / Nightly Business Report, Voice of America (VOA), PIX11 TV, Sino TV, Shanghai TV, Hong Kong TV, Italy TV, Spain TV, Thai TV, World Journal, China News Service and China PeopleDaily-Abroad Edition, around the world. The book was distributed in over 100 online bookstores in 30 countries around world in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Pacific Islands and Latin America.


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Bethany Huang on Nightly Business Report (NBR) – May 19, Thu May 8, 2011

Bethany Huang will appear on PBS / Nightly Business Report (NBR)

          –as a commentator for Kids & Cash, May 19, Thursday 

Bethany Huang will appear on Nightly Business Report (NBR) as a commentator for Kids & Cash Program.  Bethany Huang published her first fiction book, The Eiffel Tower’s Daughter, at the age of 10. Bethany Huang wants to develop her own brand (Bethany Huang) product lines for jewelry and more for girls at the same age.

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Bethany Huang on Front Page of APA News & Review

Bethany Huang on Front Page of APA News & Review

– Current Issue, March / April 2011, Asian Pacific American News & Reviews

Bethany Huang: Nine-year-old novelist – “Novelist Bethany Huang has valued the virtue of truth since she first heard the tale of “The boy Who Cried Wolf” when she was a small child. It is no surprise, then, that Huang’s debut novel centers on a young girl’s search for truth. What is surprising is that Huang wrote the novel when she was only nine years old.

“The Eiffel Tower’s Daughter: The Truth Behind the Lies” follows the story of Swanilde, a young girl who is sent on an adventure trying to warn her father of the imminent threat  of her new stepfather – an undercover spy. Huang shows her power of imagination and her skill as a writer in this short spy novel set in France, Egypt, and Greece.”


10-Year-Old’s Book Ranked No.1 on SBEP Reading List April 16, 2011

 “The Eiffel Tower’s Daughter” by Bethany Huang is ranked No.1 on SBEP Reading List 2011 – Boys Hope Girls Hope .org’s Summer Reading List. Follows by No.2 The Cricket in Time Square, by George Selden; No.3 Earthquake Terror, by Peg Kehret, No.4 Fudge-a-Mania, by Judy Blume, and No. 5 The Indian in the Cupboard, by: Lynne Reid Banks.

SBEP Reading List 2011 from
1. “The Eiffel Tower’s Daughter”, by: Bethany Haung
2. The Cricket in Time Square, by: George Selden
3. Earthquake Terror, by: Peg Kehret
4. Fudge-a-Mania, by: Judy Blume
5. The Indian in the Cupboard, by: Lynne Reid Banks
6. Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Frog, by: Mordecai Richler
To see the full list at